Random Walker

I wrote a short MATLAB function that runs the random walker image segmentation algorithm as an add-on to the Graph Analysis Toolbox (below). The files contain a function to run the random walker algorithm and a script demonstrating its usage. The code may be found here. Another (3rd party) implementation of the random walker algorithm with 3D support is available here.


Code to run our combinatorial optimization of the Mumford-Shah functional is available. The code provides combinatorial optimization of the piecewise smooth Mumford-Shah functional, which may be used for both image denoising and segmentation. The code which includes a demo script an example image. The code may be found here.

Power Watersheds

Code to run the power watershed algorithm, including example usage, is available here.

Graph Analysis Toolbox

The Graph Analysis Toolbox for MATLAB was written as a by-product of my PhD thesis. There is also a demo package available here. The goal was to allow for flexible representation and analysis of data associated with a graph, specifically slanted toward computer vision applications developed on an arbitrary graph or on biological analogues of retinal sampling.